Trip: Plimoth

Apr 3

Trip to Plimoth Plantation

On Sunday, Apr 3, Team H will travel by bus down to Plimouth Plantation, a “living history” museum replicating the first European colony in Massachusetts.


Please be in the CGS lobby at 12:30, as the bus will depart shortly thereafter. Arrive having eaten lunch, with a water bottle and a snack on hand in case you get hungry or thirsty later in the afternoon. Make sure your phone is charged, so you can keep a photographic record, and that you have a small notebook and pen/pencil.

We will be eating dinner on site at around 5pm, food selected and prepared to match the dining habits of the Pilgrim colonists.

We should be back on campus by 7:30pm.

Planning your Visit

Your mission at Plimoth Plantation is to create new knowledge in the following ways:

  • Interact with the staff; engage them in conversation to see what you can learn from them.
  • Be curious: ask questions, explore, try new things, notice details, proactively engage with the 17th-century world around you. Have fun.
  • Bring your learning to life:
    1. Apply concepts from classes and readings to first-hand experiences & observations
    2. Discover new facts and concepts that compliment & extend what you already know
    3. Seek ways to question or complicate your understanding of this period in history, or of Pilgrim and/or Native American culture
  • Take notes & photos, to assist you in your written response.

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