Int: Photo Essay

Apr 16

Boston’s Back Bay

An Informal Photo Essay

Due midnight Friday, Apr 16.

Create a photo essay organized around one of the following words:

If you’re looking for inspiration, consider starting with a photo of one of the following:
  • an urban streetscape
  • landscaping, a garden, a flower
  • a sign, old or new
  • a business
  • the built environment
  • a building
  • a statue
  • Reform
  • Protest
  • Symmetry
  • Beauty
  • Nature
  • Power
  • Tradition
  • Eloquence
  • Legacy
  • Memory

Format: your photo essay should consist of the following elements:

  1. An evocative title
  2. Two photographs, placed side-by-side
  3. One beefy paragraph discussing how that juxtaposition of images riffs on the word you chose from the list above.

At least ONE of your photographs should come from our second walking tour. (For this purpose, remote students can either use a screen capture from the movie linked on the walking tour page, OR use an image from the Web of something that’s visible during the walking tour video.) At least ONE of your photographs should be one you created yourself, whether on the walking tour or wherever you are in the world. Any photographs that you did not create yourself should have a photo credit at bottom.

Your beefy paragraph should riff on the word you chose, on things you saw during the campus walk, and on issues raised during the campus walk.

The photo essay should fit on one page; consider orienting the page horizontally, rather than vertically.

Turn the photo essay in as a .pdf via the comments below.

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