Writeup: Plimoth

Apr 8

A Pilgrim’s Progress?

2-3 page Response Paper due in Social Science Lecture on Fri, Apr 8.

Take the Team H faculty on a quest for knowledge, arriving at a surprising new insight that you have forged by combining your learning in CGS with your first-hand experience at Plimoth Plantation. Ideally, you should try to teach us something new by building upon & going beyond what we’ve taught you.

Your response should use detailed, vivid description to place your experiences before your readers’ eyes. Early on, it should call attention to oddities to motivate your quest for understanding; later on it should make connections (both to other things you saw, and to your classes & readings) to achieve that understanding and complete the quest.

MLA style citations & works cited are required.


  • A narrow focus is best. Fleshing out a single discovery in great detail will score more points than enumerating several discoveries that are only partially explored.
  • Cite course readings and lectures to ensure that you receive credit for the bridges of knowledge that you build.
  • Engage us! Unlike formal papers, these experiential responses are designed to let you be a little bit more creative & personal. Colorful description, quirky insights, and the first-person pronoun, “I,” are encouraged.

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