D6 Class 11.1

Apr 6

Article Summary

Last week I had you briefly summarize three journal articles. For this assignment, I'd like a more in-depth summary, the sort you will need to offer in the upcoming Annotated Bibliography. Write a brief 3-paragraph summary of the most interesting or controversial of the academic journal articles you've found so far in your research, using the following template (revised early this morning, so OK with me if your HW follows the original one):

  • Topic: In the first ¶, focus on summarizing the the material the article covers/presents. In what sense is this a narrow part of your much broader research topic?
  • Thesis: In the second ¶, focus on summarizing the author's vision/understanding of that topic. How does the author distinguish his/her thesis from the work of prior scholars? Alternatively, how does the author's vision differ from that of other scholars you've read?
  • Evidence: In a third ¶, what kinds of evidence does the author present? Data and statistics? Personal letters? News articles? Interviews?
  • Be sure to give a proper Chicago Style bibliographic entry, so I can find your article if I need to.

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In Class Reading for controversy, as well as for consensus.

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