Paragraph Transitions

Analytic Transitions

  • Explain: make sense of something described just above.
  • Build on: introduce the next step in a logical argument.
  • Question: raise a doubt or even wholly undercut the prior argument.
  • Note an unexpected consequence: this combines elements of the prior two: it builds on, but in a way that causes a tonal shift somewhat like calling into question.
  • New angle: for example, you might consider sound after focusing on visuals.
  • Zoom in: look at an instance of a trend or pattern noted just above.
  • Zoom out: name the pattern which the prior ¶’s topic is an example of.
  • Intensify: double down on a claim made just above, with (for example) more telling evidence.
  • Give another example: keep this to a minimum. It means that the ¶ fails to take us somewhere new. See if you can’t present this new example as intensifying your argument, or offering a new angle on the topic.

Narrative Transitions

  • Result: what happened next.
  • Cause: what led to the events of the prior ¶
  • Lateral shift in space: Meanwhile. back at the ranch…”
  • Temporal shift: “Two weeks later, …”

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