D6 Class 7.1

Mar 9

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Chicago Style Footnotes

We're shifting from MLA to Chicago Style footnotes for the remainder of the semester. To get you up to speed, I've posted some basic instructions here (along with links to quizzes on Blackboard). Please do the quizzes in time for class, and post any questions or confusions in the comments below.

If you DON'T have a question, then instead please post a sentence from essay 1 where you cited a source, along with the relevant Works Cited entry. We'll use those to practice creating footnotes.

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    • Why do we not include urls for websites within our footnote? When I was looking at Chicago footnote examples and just formatting in general, urls were included.

    • When (if ever) will it be necessary to include the specific chapter/section of a source in your footnote (the container inside a container)? Is it similar to the way it’s determined via MLA format?

    • For sources without typical page numbers, how would you go about citing them? Would you simply try to break the work into sections and cite the specific section – such as dates in Columbus’s logs or tablets in the Epic of Gilgamesh? Is this just a matter of judgement?

    • I’m confused about when do we need to include parentheses when we are writing the footnotes? Do we specifically use the parenthesis to include the publisher’s information and the year?

  1. On the one hand, with the domination of these foreign colonies the world could be united as one economic unit, especially owing to commerce, which was, additionally, a motive for international relations, as stated by Armitage (54).
    Armitage, David. “Christopher Columbus and the Uses of History.” History Today, vol. 42, no. 5, May 1992, pp. 50-55, scholar.harvard.edu/files/armitage/files/columbus.pdf. Accessed 8 Feb. 2021.

  2. In one instance where he spotted a gold ring, he asked a native, “to purchase it of them to ascertain what sort of money it was” (Columbus).
    Columbus, Christopher. “Log Excerpts”. Franciscan Archive, 1492.

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